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Stingray Skin

Stingray skins are one of the most durable exotic leathers on the market. The small calcium beads covering the surface of stingray leather are incredibly resistant to scratching, and the hide it self is difficult to tear because of the way the fibers in the skin are aligned. Additionally, because these exotic hides come from an aquatic animal, they’re incredibly resistant to water.

The skin of the ray is used as an under layer for the cord or leather wrap,due to its hard, rough, skin texture that keeps the braided wrap from sliding on the handle during use. They are also used to make exotic shoes, boots, belts, wallets, jackets, bag,wwtch strap,cellphone cases and other small accessories.

Indonesian waters is one of the biggest producers of marine products, one of which is stingray. captured by Indonesian fishermen is a type of consumption stingray which is very common in Indonesia. In the past, stingrays were only taken for meat to be processed into food and the skins of stingrays were just thrown away into non-sticky waste.
and we try to process waste into high-value craft.

we process stingray skin into handicrafts such as watch strap, bags, wallets, belts and others